Aerotekk Windshield Banner (22" wide)

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  • What You ll Need

    • Vinyl Decal
    • Window/Glass Cleaner
    • Cloth
    • Straightedge (A Credit Card or ID Card will do)
    • Painter s Tape (if needed)

    Step 1: Wash The Application Area

    Use glass or window cleaner (i.e. Windex or automotive window cleaner) to clean the desired application area thoroughly. Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down and dry the window. Ensure the application area is as clean and dry as possible. Even small bits of dust and debris can prevent the decal from properly bonding to the window s surface.

    Step 2: Test Fit And Align Decal

    Test fit the placement of your new vinyl decal on your car s window or windshield. Taking your time here is absolutely key. Be sure to measure and level the decal s placement on the windshield or window. We use a few small bits of painter s tape to mark its placement to make application easier.

    Step 3: Remove The Decal Backing

    Peel the decal s paper backing away. Do this slowly. Peeling the paper backing off too quickly could pull portions of the vinyl off with it.

    Step 4: Apply The Vinyl Decal To The Window Surface

    Using the painter s tape as a guide, stick the vinyl decal to the window.

    Once the decal is stuck on the window, remove the painter s tape and use a straightedge (a credit card or ID car will do) to firmly press the vinyl to the window surface.

    Using consistent, firm pressure, run the straightedge over the decal several times. Use the straightedge to both press the vinyl to the surface of the window and push out any air bubbles stuck under the decal.

    Step 5: Peel Off The Decal Cover

    Starting from one end of the decal, peel the decal s cover off of the surface of the window.

    The key here is to peel very, very slowly. Be sure to peel the decal s cover back at as sharp and low of an angle as possible rather than pulling the cover straight up and off. Peeling back and low pulls the cover off of the surface of the window without pulling the vinyl decal off with it.

    The vinyl decal cover will peel off easily, and it shouldn t leave any residue behind. In the event the cover leaves adhesive residue on the window surface, use a small dab of Goo-Gone to wipe it away.

    Now step back and admire your new decal.